10 Signs You Need To Do A Sugar Detox

The DA Team 31 August 2020

Do you need to detox?

Below are 10 signs that you need a Sugar Detox:


1) SKIN PROBLEMS -Too much sugar and processed food in your diet can lead to skin breakouts, damages the protein in your skin, premature wrinkles and aging faster than we would like.

2) DULLED TASTE BUDS – Too much sugar in our diet dull our ability to taste foods properly and after time we need more and more sugar as we don’t notice the sweetness of it, so something that tasted sweet before actually now tastes normal and doesn’t satisfy as it used to.

3) DENTAL PROBLEMS- Sugar forms acids that destroy the tooth enamel and this is very prevalent when lots of sweet cola type drinks are drunk regularly.

4) CRAVINGS – Sugar acts like a drug on our system and the more we have the more we want. We forget that lots of food containing carbohydrates turns to sugar in our system and the things we crave might not be sweets but things such as white bread, pasta and rice and have the same effect on our system. Foods high in sugar release dopamine which is similar to that of addictive drugs.

5) ENERGY LEVELS – After we ingest sugar we get a sudden rush of energy but soon after we get the sugar crash and feel tired. It is important to keep our blood sugar levels constant and avoid the peaks and troughs that come with snacking on sugar laden foods and drinks.

6) BLOATING – Sugar comes under all names and one, Fructose can be responsible for flatulence and bloating as it is not easily absorbed by the body. Also gut health is very important for general health and weight loss and the less desirable bacteria love eating sugar and this leads to bloating issues and excess gas whilst being a negative on the weighing scale.

7) SEX DRIVE – High levels of sugar in our system helps close down a gene which produces sex hormones and leads to a drop in sex drive and libido.

8) IMMUNE SYSTEM - Too much sugar in our bodies weakens our immune system cells that attack bacteria. Again our immune system is linked to “good” gut bacteria and if we feed them with sugar it doesn’t run as it should and can lead to health problems long term.

9) WEIGHT – When we have too much sugar in our system it is stored to be used as energy later but if we lead very sedentary lifestyles then it doesn’t get burned up but is converted into fat that tends to settle around our tummy region. So the answer to shedding the pounds is shedding the sugar for long term weight loss success.

10) SLEEP PROBLEMS – If we are having bad quality sleep that is another tell-tale sign that it’s time to reduce our sugar intake. If you have a lot of sugar in the evening then you could be having the sugar rush just when you are trying to get to sleep and this will lead to irregular sleep patterns.