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The DA Team 17 November 2021


Earlier this year we received an email from Jamie Thorne, a pharmacist at Gravells in Llanelli, South Wales. Having heard about us he wanted to find out more and discuss the option to stock some weight loss products in his pharmacy. He had started a weight loss clinic within his pharmacy and found a lot of clients needed extra support when trying to lose weight.

We knew our diet plan and products worked, and we had been actively looking for a potential partnership. With Gravells being local to us and the store being a family run, independent operation much like ourselves at DA, we saw this collaboration with Jamie and his wife Hannah as a perfect match. We welcomed the opportunity to work with a well-respected pharmacy whose ethics were in line with our own.

Following on from that initial contact, we carried out a training program with Jamie, Hannah and their staff to show them how each product worked, and how they had helped dieters. Hannah had lost a lot of weight but had found her weight loss had plateaued and often felt hungry, so she tried the Advanced Plan and Kontrol. Hannah soon started losing weight again and was very impressed with how Kontrol helped with her hunger. After seeing his wife’s success, Jamie wanted to join in the fun, starting on the Reset Plan as it suited his eating habits perfectly. He was amazed to lose two stone - this was a big win as normally he battled to shift the weight.

As you can imagine, they have been an inspiration to their customers who often asked, “How did you do it?”. Their customer base has grown substantially over the last few months, and they have been very enthusiastic champions of DA products through their pharmacy.

Gravells are doing further collaborations with us, whereby we will be helping some local volunteers who are desperate to lose weight and gain back their health and confidence. Jamie and Hannah will be carrying out health checks, giving advice and monitoring progress of these lucky volunteers, and we hope to report on their weight loss journey in the coming months.

We are very proud of our association with Gravells Pharmacy and honored that they have recommended our products to customers. This is hopefully the start of our roll out to other pharmacies in the not-too-distant future.

*to read a recent interview with Jamie and Hannah below, talking about DA and Gravells in their own words click here


The DA Team