Wearable Technology and Apps

Rodders 31 August 2020
What are the advantages of wearable tech (WT) for the everyday person who wants to personalise their health and fitness? Here’s why I think wearable tech can help with exercise: Encourages personal responsibility and self-monitoring Unless you’ve got someone coaching you on a one-to-one level it can be difficult to figure out exactly how active you are! Devices such as FIT BIT, JAWBONE and IWATCH’s can give you that helping hand in monitoring what you’ve been up to and put it in simple terms for everyone to understand. Knowing what you’ve done and what you want to do can motivate you by setting yourself personal goals and helping you take responsibility for your daily routine and exercise levels. Helps to create an awareness of how active you are or are not This can sometimes act as a shock factor to actually how little you can do on a daily basis. Step counters are a simple way to keep a track of this but don’t monitor raises in heart rate which is important for improving your fitness levels. Some people will be very surprised to how little they do during there working day! This can be brought to light and help you move in the right direction.   Helps you monitor your heart rate and training zones Monitoring your heart rate and training zones can have many benefits and these devices allow us to do this easily. Not only can they track your heart rate quite accurately you can store the information to record your progress. This is great for taking your training to the next level! Creates an environment where you can compete online with other Most of the WT’s now have apps that they can connect with or utilise for many reasons but setting up friendly competitions can be extremely beneficial, especially within work or friendship groups. It is a great way of adding that extra incentive to your workouts or daily routines.   Provides access to data that can allow you to increase or decrease your training schedule If you are someone who’s always looking to push for goals and targets then it’s key  to tailor your training accordingly as to not to over or undertrain for a specific event or goal. These devices can monitor your effort and performance levels and help you decide when to rest or go for it! Allows you to track your approximate calorie intake each day to better plan your dietary requirements. This is important and in my experience can become a bit obsessive but it’s a great starting point for working out daily calorific deficits or surplus. Yes these technologies are not 100% accurate but enough so as to help you structure your training or meals to help with working out that desired number for weight loss or gain. Tracking your diet can sometimes be boring but these apps make it simple and easy with ways of logging and scanning meals that simplify the process. Ever increasing applications that can help with your Health and Fitness in general There are new applications and upgrades to the WT are being released on a regular basis and forever pushing the boundaries of personalised training. Whether it be tracking your steps or record run times they are great ways of Are there any disadvantages? I don’t think there are many disadvantages to WT. Some people can become hung up with numbers and stats whilst training but as long as they are used in the right way they can be a huge help towards gaining, maintaining and progressing with your health and fitness goals. Rodders (Personal Trainer with Drop Away ©)