Karen Lost 2 Stone | 6 Weeks Reset & Advanced Diet Results

"I bought all the products last year Advance, Boost, Reduce and Reset. Did Reset for 4 weeks and lost over a stone -then life got crap lol and I put it back on. I hate having my photos took and always avoided it. About August last year I got my hubby to take a photo and I was disgusted but it still didn't snap me out of the rut I was In.

Then I booked a holiday 6 weeks ago for the end of April and something inside just said enough is enough so I did Reset for 6 weeks using what I had in, and I've just gone on to Advance - not touched a drop of alcohol and I've lost just over 2 stone.

Took another photo at the weekend as sometimes you don't feel you've lost that much but comparing pics I can see a difference so it spurred me to go in the loft to get all my summer clothes out. I've got 10s, 12s, 14s 16s and I was a 18/20. Now back in my 14s and some 12s! Still got another 3 stone to go but I feel a lot better and happy with myself. I use to hide in baggy jumpers and leggings.