We are so confident that we can help you lose weight that we are offering our “DA Promise”.


                                WE PROMISE YOU WILL GET RESULTS


Here at DA, we have been in the business of helping customers lose weight for nearly a decade - and we have learned a thing or two about health and weight loss in that time! We would really love to share our ‘inside’ knowledge with you.


By purchasing either our Advanced or Reset weight loss packs, we hereby promise that you will lose weight/inches on your journey with us.


You are in very capable hands. The DA Team have all lost a significant amount of weight using our diet plans and weight management supplements, so fear not- “if we can do it, so can you!” and we are here to help.




  • We promise to be available.
  • We promise to give you personalised support and advice during your weight loss journey.
  • We promise to be with you every step of the way
  • We promise to motivate and inspire you
  • We promise to make your journey as easy as possible for you to reach your personal goals.

YOU: “I’m in. This sounds great. I’m ready to change my life with the help of DA”


So what’s next?


Once you have purchased one of our “DA Promise” approved bundles, simply register by filling in the “DA Promise Registration Document” below, follow the steps and you will receive your DA Promise.

If you need any help just give us a call or ask on our Facebook Groups.




T&C's apply.